Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are mostly working remotely. However, we are still offering all our normal podcast recording and production services.

Our London studios are only open for certain bookings, but we have fully remote facilities available.

Please see the full details below. 


With restrictions affecting many of us, the majority of our podcast recording is being carried out remotely. We use systems that allow us to capture high-quality audio via the internet, which are simple for people to use and do not require any software downloads.

This system works on desktop, tablet and mobile, and just requires a link to be copied into a browser for the participant to join the recording session. We also have a stock of USB microphones that we can send out to get even better quality.

Please note that apps like Zoom and Teams are great for video calls and conferencing, but the audio is far from broadcast standard and we would not recommend them as a recording solution.


We are all working remotely in-line with current advice, but this doesn’t affect our podcast production or editing in any way. Our cloud-based workflow allows everyone in the chain to have access to audio rushes, edits and previews as needed.

For clients who are recording remotely, we have a simple guide to how the process works and the best setup at home to get good quality audio. Our system saves the audio as we go along, so it avoids the need for any recording at the user end or syncing audio from different sources in the edit.

We have the ability to run a video call in tandem with the recording, so that participants have line of sight if they wish.

Please do get in touch if you need any assistance with podcast production in these unique circumstances and stay well.

Best wishes,

Des & the team at The Podcast Works.